Social Explorer:

Makes demographic data accessible and mappable for students, researchers, and journalists

2014 - 2016. Social Explorer is an online, interactive data library and visualization tool. As mapping specialist and content manager, I designed and built map content for the site, and managed the acquisition and processing of datasets for upload into a custom web GIS. I also engaged in design and visualization strategy, overseeing the addition of new site features and functionality.

I worked with project partners across sectors and disciplines to help bring demographic, environmental and other survey data into their work. I facilitated workshops for educators, students, planners, and community organizers on the use of the Social Explorer tool, and spatial analysis, and map design more broadly. I also produced map content and performed spatial analysis for the launch of three US Census Explorer dissemination projects on young americans, shifting retail practices, and new American Community Survey estimates.

A particular focus of my work with Social Explorer was on interactive map-based visualizations for the study of historical communities and places. Using expertise in historical GIS and US Census records, I produced 22 multi-media, map-based, interactive chapters for the digital re-launch of a popular US history textbook. In addition to digital map production, I conducted research with Social Explorer CEO Andrew Beveridge using novel methods on historical census data, and presented on my work at the Social Science History Association 2015 conference.

Collaborators: Pearson Education, the New York Times, Oxford University Press, Ellis Island Immigration Museum, CUNY

Tasks: Dataset acquisition, processing + management, spatial analysis, map design, visualization, web design, web development, research, writing, project management

Tools + Technologies: GIS (ArcGIS, QGIS), Leaflet, Adobe Suite, R, SPSS, SAS, Microsoft Access, HTML/CSS, JavaScript