Section 581:

Illustrates the inequities in NYC property tax code

2016. With SITU Studio, Research + Fabrication. Commissioned research, data analysis, model, and drawing for an exhibit at the Storefront for Art and Architecture. 

I contributed research, writing, concept design, and led geospatial data analysis for SITU's work for the Sharing Models: Manhattanisms exhibit. The model and drawing investigate inequalities incurred by New York State and City property tax code. I also wrote a blog post detailing findings from the project titled, Visualizing Undertaxation.

Arch Daily, City Lab, and City Limits wrote about the project.

Team: SITU Studio, Research + Fabrication: McKenna Cole, Lindsey Krug, Natalie Hadad

Tasks: Dataset acquisition, processing + management, spatial analysis, concept design, research, writing

Tools + Technologies: GIS (ArcGIS, QGIS), Adobe Suite, R, Microsoft Access